MAGA Twitter Livid Over DACA: ‘At This Point, Who DOESN’T Want Trump Impeached?’


A good chunk of Donald Trump‘s base has taken to Twitter in order to vent their fury over the president’s reported new deal with Democrats.

Last night, indications suggested that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer made a deal where Trump would allow for protections to DACA recipients, and Congressional Democrats would say yes to new border security (except for the building of a border wall). Trump got on Twitter to dispute the notion of any deal and talk about how he’ll expand security barriers that already exist.

He also ran defense for DREAMers.

As it were, if you head on over to the MAGA side of the Internet, you’ll find quite a few people who are not very happy with how things are going.

Of course, if Bill Mitchell is any indication, it’s possible that some of Trump’s base will see the president’s latest maneuver as a totally consistent, politically intelligent decision.

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