Man Misidentified as Suspect Released, Wants an Apology: ‘I Could’ve Easily Been Shot’


After Dallas PD circulated an image Thursday night of their suspect Mark Hughes, dressed in camo and sporting a rifle he was legally permitted to open carry, he turned himself in.

He said he didn’t know that his picture was being plastered all over the country until someone let him know by the phone, at which point he approached a police officer and surrendered his gun.

Speaking to local CBS reporters shortly after being released from an interrogation, Hughes said, “I could have easily been shot.”

Hughes said that police during his interrogation “lied” and told him witnesses and video footage identified him as a shooter. “The system was trying to get me,” he said.

What they did not do was apologize for broadcasting an image of him, identifying him as a suspect in the murders of multiple police officers. “We asked them, we said, you know what, now that you all have my face on national news, are y’all gonna come out and say that this young man had nothing to do with it?” he said, noting that he had received death threats.

“It was persecution on me, unrightly, and I feel that they need to do something about that,” he said.

Shortly after police began broadcasting his image, his brother Cory Hughes spoke to local reporters to vociferously deny that Mark was a “suspect.”

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