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Martha Stewart Can Go Back To Running Her Company

If you hear a gleeful yelp of “Huzzah!” coming roughly from the direction of East Hampton, it’s likely just Martha Stewart celebrating the fact that, for the first time since a five-year ban was placed on the mogul in the wake of her insider-trading trial, she can return to overseeing her company.

And it’s a “good thing,” too. (That’s a little Martha Stewart humor there, folks. You’re welcome.) According to Crain’s New York, Stewart’s company could be doing quite a bit better:

But MSLO’s share price is down 75%, to about $3.65, since the Securities and Exchange Commission sent her to the penalty box in 2006; the value of her stake, worth $1 billion at its peak, has sunk to $100 million.

That said, while her company may be hurting, Stewart herself certainly isn’t. Last year, the mogul raked in $6 million despite Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia’s $10 million in losses. And she had her shareholders pick up the tab for such things as a personal trainer (a mere $30,000), her weekend driver ($56,000 – couch change), myriad household expenses, and salaries for her daughter and former sister-in law ($400,000 and $200,000, respectively).

And that’s not even counting Francesca’s sensitivity training sessions.

Crain’s New York

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