Martin Shkreli Launches Website Blasting Other Pharma Companies for Price Hikes

The “pharma bro” is at it again. Fresh off being suspended from Twitter for harassing Teen Vogue’s Lauren Duca, Turing Pharmaceuticals founder Martin Shkreli has started a new website. Seemingly sick of being singled out for price gouging life-saving drugs after trade group PhRMA publicly distanced itself from him, he’s started a new, barebones website named Pharma Skeletons. “I’m pretty pissed off,” he says in a new YouTube video (embedded above. “When you represent companies like Bayer and Amgen and Allergan, and you come at me, saying I’m the bad guy? Let’s get going.”

Shkreli’s plan is to document how other, bigger pharmaceutical companies are way worse at gouging than he is. Marathon/Ovation, for example, gets this description: “Bro. These guys invented price increases. I literally learned it from them.” While ArsTechnica says not all of his claims are accurate, his point does come through.

In his screed, Shkreli also goes after Stephen Ubl, PhRMA’s CEO. ““Just a reminder. You: A Washington Lobbyist piece of shit,” he writes. “Me: A guy who has done R&D and started two drug companies. When you learn what a nitrogen atom is, you can talk about me.”

[Photo: Martin Shkreli YouTube screen grab]

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