Maury Povich: Trump Used to Pitch Me Ideas For My Talk Show

We’ve posted extensively about the daytime TV habits of President Donald Trump. But one program that we didn’t realize was once part of that viewing rotation? Maury.

Appearing on Cheddar, Maury Povich claimed that in the early days of his talk show, Trump not only used to watch his show, he used to provide unsolicited feedback.

“He’s an inveterate TV watcher,” Povich said. “And he would watch, and he would call up and say ‘I saw that person on there, I want to do something.’ I said, ‘Fine, Donald. That’s fine with me. You want to help out, fine with me.'”

“He would pitch you segments,” Mediaite alum J.D. Durkin said to Povich.

“Yeah!” Povich said, confirming.

Povich says he no longer has a relationship with Trump, and his current observations on the President are limited to what he sees on TV, just like everyone else. As to his overall impression about Trump from the days in which they interacted on a regular basis?

“He’s a different sort of cat,” Povich said, laughing.

Watch above, via Cheddar.

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