McCain Delivers Emotional Call For Bipartisanship, Just After Casting Polarizing Health Care Vote


Following a warm reception from his colleagues Tuesday, Sen. John McCain, returning to the Senate for the first time since his brain cancer diagnosis, made an emotional plea for bipartisanship in a floor speech.

That principled mindset and the service of our predecessors who possessed its come to mind when I hear the Senate referred to as the world’s greatest deliberative body. I’m not sure we can claim that distinction with a straight face today. I’m sure it wasn’t always deserved in previous eras either. But I’m sure these — there have been times when it was, and I was privileged to witness some of those occasions.

Our deliberations today — not just our debates, but the exercise of all of our responsibilities, authorizing government policies, appropriating the funds to implement them, exercising our advice and consent role — are often lively and interesting. They can be a sincere and principled, but they are more partisan, more tribal, more of the time than at any time that I can remember. Our deliberations can still be important and useful, but I think we’d all agree they haven’t been overburdened by greatness lately. And right now, they aren’t producing much for the American people. Both sides have let this happen.

The speech came just moments after McCain cast what turned out to be a decisive vote which helped the Senate pass a motion to proceed measure on the health care debate by a 51-50 margin. Critics on Twitter argued

President Donald Trump, however, lauded McCain for his vote.

Watch above, via CNN.

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