McDonald’s Has a New Mascot That Will Haunt Your Nightmares


If you thought Ronald McDonald was creepy (because let’s face it, all clowns are creepy), then you’re going to be freaking terrified by McDonald’s newest mascot: a walking, talking, smiling Happy Meal box.


This mascot’s name is “Happy,” and according to McDonald’s, he is the company’s “Happy Meal Ambassador” and will encourage “balanced and wholesome eating.” In other words, Happy will get kids eating healthier, presumably through a series of social media campaigns that will either come across as creepy or trying too hard.

And the social media reaction to Happy has been nothing short of hilarious.

Though to McDonald’s credit, they posted a cheeky reaction on Twitter to Happy’s reception.

(Sidenote: when you put them together like that, they look a lot like the minions from Despicable Me, don’t they?)

[h/t Daily Mail]
[image via McDonald’s]

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