Megyn Kelly Discusses Possibility of Leaving Fox News

Megyn-Kelly-e1457537303724Fox host Megyn Kelly said she was leaving open the possibility of leaving her network once her contract expires next year.

In an interview with Variety published Tuesday, Kelly discussed Fox’s clashes with Donald Trump over what the candidate has sought to characterize as her poor treatment of him. Kelly maintained that the network was behind her. “Fox News has been in a tough position,” she said. “They care about me and they are not afraid of a fight, but we’re in unchartered territory.”

The (one-sided) feud with Trump began after the very first Republican debate, which aired on Fox in August, when moderator Kelly pressed Trump on his history of crude remarks about women. He has repeatedly blasted her credibility and value as a journalist on Twitter — and even on Kelly’s own network, speaking to Bill O’Reilly. Trump has labeled her “crazy,” “sick,” and “overrated” among other epithets.

Asked if she was planning to stay at Fox following the expiration of her contract, Kelly said she wasn’t sure yet.

I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’ve had a great 12 years here, and I really like working for Roger Ailes. I really like my show, and I love my team. But you know, there’s a lot of brain damage that comes from the job. There was probably less brain damage when I worked in the afternoon. I was less well known. I had far less conflict in my life. I also have three kids who are soon going to be school from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. I come to work at 3:30. I like to see my children. Having said that, my boss has been good about working with me to make me happy–he knows I’m a hard worker. I’ve had few problems here where I couldn’t talk to him and say, “Can we work something out?,” and come away happy.

Kelly also discussed the difficulty she’s had securing an interview with Hillary Clinton (“How can she say she deserves George Washington’s job and not sit with me?”), and how exciting it would be be to cover a brokered GOP convention, saying “It would be a great news story.” For her part, Clinton praised Kelly on The View Tuesday, calling the anchor a “superb journalist.”

The Kelly File just netted its most-watched quarter in total viewers since the show’s launch in 2013. But despite the show’s success, she joked that Fox could still fire her, observing, “One never knows. Everything is rolling along fine, and then you call Huckabee “Fuckabee” and you’re gone.”

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