Megyn Kelly Rips Twitter for Suspending Rose McGowan: ‘Give Me a Break! Do Better!’

Earlier this week, actress Rose McGowan was temporarily suspended from Twitter after she unleashed a series of tweets about the Harvey Weinstein scandal. The suspension came after she called out Ben Affleck and others for providing cover for Weinstein’s sexual misconduct. The social media platform stated that McGowan was suspended for violating its rule of publicly sharing personal phone numbers.

Considering McGowan — who has accused Weinstein of sexually assaulting her — is one of the leading voices bringing the movie producer’s history of sexual misconduct to light, the suspension was a PR disaster for Twitter, to say the least. During today’s broadcast of Megyn Kelly Today, host Megyn Kelly lit into Twitter over its decision while pointing to her own history of being harassed online as proof the platform is inconsistent in applying its rules.

Highlighting that it is against the site’s rules to share phone numbers, Kelly noted that it also violates Twitter’s policy to incite harassment or to directly threaten people, jokingly asking the audience if they knew someone who did that in an obvious nod to the president. Kelly then flashed back to the election when she was targeted by Trump fans after her tough questioning of Donald Trump at a debate. This included Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen encouraging others to “gut” her.

“And I remember Twitter rushing to enforce its rules — no,” Kelly observed. “No, I don’t.”

She continued, “The point is not to re-dredge up that old dispute. It’s to say there’s an inconsistency here and who is Twitter kidding. Give me a break! Twitter, do better! Do better!”

Watch the clip above, via NBC.

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