Twitter Suspends Rose McGowan’s Account After Weinstein Tweets (UPDATED)

Rose McGowan, the actress and director who has been leading the charge against Harvey Weinstein amidst his ever-growing sexual assault scandal, had her Twitter account temporarily suspended early Thursday.

McGowan is one of the many women who settled with Weinstein after an encounter with the Hollywood producer in a hotel room in 1997, and had been very vocal on Twitter in calling out Weinstein and his enablers.

The Scream and Charmed actress called out Ben Affleck on Wednesday after he claimed to have no knowledge of Weinstein’s behavior, and posted a number of emails proving that many of Weinstein’s colleagues were also well-aware.

But it appears some of McGowan’s tweets violated the platform’s policy. In an Instagram post, the actress shared a screenshot of a message from Twitter stating that she had “violated the Twitter Rules” and would have to delete certain tweets to have the suspension lifted:


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Weinstein’s history of sexual harassment and assault was something of an open secret in Hollywood for decades, but it wasn’t until two bombshell reports — first from the New York Times, then from the New Yorker — came out this month detailing his misconduct with dozens of women.

UPDATE 11:50 a.m. EST: Twitter released a statement explaining that McGowan’s account was temporarily suspended because she tweeted out a private phone number, violating the platform’s terms of service. After she deleted the tweet in question, her account was unlocked.

See the statement below:

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