Michele Bachmann: Americans Need to ‘Get a Brain,’ Bible is the Only Logical Basis for Society

BachmannFormer Congresswoman and former GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann told conservative historical revisionist David Barton that Americans need to “get a brain” and realize that the Bible provided the moral and social underpinnings for a happy, productive society.

Speaking to Barton on his “Foundations of Freedom” program Friday, Bachmann agreed with the host’s proposition that the Bible provided a framework for allowing competing ideas to duke it out and “let the winning one come out on top.” Bachmann argued that one “could summarize [this philosophy] by saying, ‘Get a brain.'”

She continued:

Get a brain and figure it out. Don’t you want to live better? Don’t you want to be more prosperous? Don’t you want to be happier? Don’t you want to be free? Don’t you want poor people to do well? Don’t you want to love your neighbor? If you want all those things, David, you would embrace competition with both arms and you’d want a biblical basis for your society just like the Pilgrims, through their example, gave us, that they embraced for us, just like George Washington and the founders, when they dedicated this nation to God at the inauguration, in the very first seconds of life of this country.

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