Mitch McConnell Confronted, Heckled by People at Restaurant

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was out to dinner with his wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, last night, when they were confronted by some angry diners.

TMZ obtained video (watch above) of a man appearing to shout at McConnell, “Why don’t you get out of here? Why don’t you leave the entire country?”

TMZ’s report says that the man in the video was angry about Social Security and health care, and he “slammed his fists down on McConnell’s table, grabbed his doggie bag and threw the food out the door of the restaurant.”

The Louisville Courier Journal has more details on the incident, and in addition to the man in the video, there was apparently one woman who “loudly stated that McConnell is a ‘traitor’ as others clapped and joined in.”

A spokesperson for McConnell told the Courier Journal, “They hope other patrons weren’t too inconvenienced by left-wing tantrums. As the Leader often says, the Senate will not be intimidated by the antics of far-left protesters.”

[image via screengrab]

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