Morning Joe Parses Trump Putin Meeting: ‘Donald Trump Capitulated on Every Point’


The gang on Morning Joe assembled Monday to offer their final thoughts on the G20 and it wasn’t good.

Scarborough and Co. led off by playing that super viral Trump takedown by Australian journalist Chris Uhlmann — a portentous opening to the analysis to come.

“The president at the G20 meeting was a man alone,” intoned Mike Barnicle with his customary gravity. The question now is whether the diminished role of America that he defines, is that going to be forever?”

And it pretty much went from there.

“The worrisome thing is even as the United States is more distant under Trump … there is this new closeness between Trump and Putin. Where Trump seems to accept, endorse what he’s hearing from Putin,” added show regular David Ignatius.

We don’t need to get into every single reaction from everyone because they were all basically the same — because it’s Morning Joe.

However, as is often the case (when Donny Deutsch isn’t there) the most cutting denunciations came from Scarborough himself, who trashed Trump’s much hyped meeting with Putin, saying the U.S. lost and the Russian autocrat won the day.

“Do you know why they didn’t have a joint statement condemning North Korea? Because Vladimir Putin didn’t want to have a joint statement condemning North Korea. He ran the meeting. He got everything that he wanted out of it and Donald Trump capitulated on every point.”

If you looked at all of this from a distance, you might even think that Vladimir Putin and the Russians have something on Donald Trump. It’s crazy.”

Maybe a pee video? Mercifully, Joe did not speculate.

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