MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan: “I Consider Myself A Conservative”

Yesterday Dylan Ratigan may have surprised his audience when he announced that his political leanings were conservative, and not progressive or liberal like many on the right consider anything related to MSNBC to be. While wrapping up a panel discussion on Obama’s relationship with John Boehner and today’s GOP primary in Delaware with Jonathan Capehart, Alicia Menendez and Matt Lewis, Ratigan let loose his political stance which is certain to color how his future commentary is viewed. .

Writing for Politics Daily, Lewis opines:

It was a good time and a great debate, but the comment that caught my attention most didn’t come from a panelist, but rather from Ratigan, himself, who said, “I consider myself a conservative.”

Ratigan went on to clarify, adding that, “you can do whatever you want. The social [issues] … I could care less. …”

Sadly, Ratigan didn’t get to finish explaining, but it was still an interesting moment — if for no other reason that that it is generally assumed that most MSNBC hosts are liberal Democrats.

Personally, I’ve always found Ratigan to be more of an intellectually honest, cynical iconoclast who is hard to pigeonhole. While he clearly has some conservative leanings, I was surprised to hear him describe himself as “a conservative.”

An “intellectually honest, cynical iconoclast who is hard to pigeonhole” sounds about right. Watch the brief clip below.

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