Former MSNBC Host Dylan Ratigan Appears on CNN in TV Ad


The former host of The Dylan Ratigan Show on MSNBC has seem to have resurfaced, if even only briefly, back in the media world in the form of a new ad that has been running on CNN recently. Dylan Ratigan famously left cable news and journalism a few years ago to devote his time towards sustainable energy initiatives that employ U.S. veterans (a career reversal that The Daily Show featured back in the Stewart era).

The ad is a :30 spot for, a booking site that specializes in group travel, though the only reference to the company comes in the closing seconds. The first :25 are devoted to Ratigan’s work with Helical Holdings, a sustainability effort described as a, “solar powered hydroponic greenhouse that purifies water, establishes communication and provides a community hub” (though Helical Holdings is not directly named in the spot).

Ratigan is currently serving as the Helical Holdings’ managing partner, and has been largely out of the media spotlight since his show went off the air at MSNBC just months before the 2012 presidential election. His website identifies his role as, “global brand ambassador for who’s been instrumental in helping me, and my team, bring people together to build veteran powered global resource systems.”

“My latest invention may be able to feed and sustain communities around the world,” Ratigan says in the ad. “My team and I are always on the go,” and the former host credits for how all the logistics “get done.”

Watch the above video from the YouTube page.
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J.D. Durkin is the Senior Editor of Mediaite.

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