NBC Reporter Apologizes For His Comments About Rape Cause Outcry


We have a lot of backstory to cover here so pay attention. Let’s get to work.

This is a Facebook post from a Portland-area musician called Joel Magid. He’s been accused of rape and admitted to lifting the skirt of another woman. Read:

Magid went on the local NBC affiliate, KGW, to speak to Chris Willis. Willis asked if the person accusing Magid of rape is a stripper, was told that she works in burlesque, and acted surprised to learn there is burlesque in Portland. (How there are people who do not actively associate burlesque and Portland in 2016 is a mystery unto itself and deserve a separate blog post.)

Willis said he needed to start hanging out in other “circles” and a man working on the set told Magid that he was the one being victimized if he was being accused of rape by someone who does burlesque. Also, Willis framed the discussion of alleged rape by using the words “these crazy claims” and bucked being unbiased by telling Magid he “answered perfectly” at one point during the Q&A, which he mostly used to talk about the “witch hunt” against him.

KGW worked to get the videos of the interview scrubbed from the Internet but they still started a firestorm. There were protests held outside of the KGW studio as activists denounced the victim blaming that went on. As TVSpy noted, the comments that have caused the fury were not included in the televised broadcast, which could account for why the station is filing so many copyright claims to get them taken off the Internet, as Portland Mercury reporter Doug Brown says.

Willis has now posted an apology to Facebook.

The Portland community isn’t exactly having it.

The comments continue in that way.

Willis does not appear to have commented back.


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