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NC Shooting Suspect Goes on Profanity-Laden Rant Against His Victim in Court

Kenneth Stancil, who was arrested yesterday for the fatal shooting of his former boss Ron Lane at a North Carolina community college, went on a profanity-laden rant in court before being taken away.

Stancil shot Wane Monday, killing him and sending the Wayne Community College into lockdown; he had recently been dismissed from his job at the school for excessive absences. Stancil was apprehended sleeping on Daytona Beach the next morning, in possession of a knife.

When informed in court that there was a warrant out for his arrest on suspicion of murder, Stancil called Wane a child molester. “I just want you to know, I ridded one less fucking child molester from the fucking earth that fucked with my little brother. All right? That’s all I got to say,” Stancil said, per WFTV. “I don’t give a fuck how much time they give me. Doing time is the easy fucking part, know what I’m saying?”

Stancil’s mother told the Associated Press that Stancil’s brother and Lane had never even met, and that her son was “rattled and confused.”

Police are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime; Stancil has “88,” a white supremacist reference, tattooed below his eye, which his mother said he got in the days before the shooting. She denied that he had any white supremacist beliefs, and said he had been psychologically injured by his father’s 2009 suicide.


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