NJ College Professor Under Investigation After Yelling ‘F*ck Your Life’ at Conservative Student

A New Jersey community college professor is being investigated over his profane tirade against a student, who is accusing the teacher of attacking him for his conservative political view.

Brookdale Community College professor Howard Finkelstein was recently filmed during a sociology class where he was having a heated discussion with a student, Christopher Lyle. The video was uploaded to Snapchat by a fellow student, and local media reports say that argument happened over a conversation about sexual harassment.

Lyle was apparently trying to say in class that both men and women can be victims of harassment, though Finkelstein angrily pounded his desk and accused the student of being insensitive. As Lyle tried to provide an example, the professor cut him off and snapped “f*ck your life” at him.

Lyle told Asbury Park Press that Finkelstein antagonized him throughout the semester and would often interrupt his own classes to go on diatribes against conservative viewpoints. Joey Smith, who shot the video, corroborated Lyle’s claims and said these lectures were usually directed towards him personally.

“I respect people no matter who you are and I expect the same for me,” Lyle said. “Instead of practicing against being biased, he’s being biased himself.”

Lyle says he previously tried to talk with school officials about Finkelstein’s behavior but no real action was taken over the situation. Brookdale has launched an investigation into the professor.

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