‘No One is Telling a Man What to do With His Penis’: Sparks Fly in Fiery New Day Interview

On New Day Wednesday, co-host Alisyn Camerota, moderated a spirited exchange between former Bernie Sanders Press Secretary, Symone Sanders, and political commentator Kayleigh McEnany. The two sparred over whether today’s A Day Without a Woman protest would be inclusive of Conservative women.

The demonstration, aimed at raising awareness of women’s issues, calls for women to stay home from work to demonstrate their economic strength. “We have the power to move mountains” said Sanders in vocal support of the protest. “Women are not going to show up for work today.”

McEnany, however, argued that the march was discriminatory against Conservative and pro-life women. “These women do not speak for me or other Conservative women,” said McEnany. “If we want to be honest here, let’s call it a day without Liberal women.”

The subject then turned to funding for Planned Parenthood, an issue on which the two women sharply disagreed. “I don’t want to take away any funding. I want to redirect that funding to other institutions that don’t perform abortions,” said McEnany. “They killed 327,000 babies in 2014 and a lot of women don’t stand for that.”

Sanders said the organization did much more than abortion, and that the bigger issue was more fundamental. “No one is telling a man what to do with his penis,” she said. “I don’t understand why my uterus and vagina is so much a topic of conversation.”

“Good morning everyone,” said a flustered Camerota before moving on.

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