TV Host Accuses Obama of Setting ‘Race Relations Back 100 Years’

A century ago in America, violent race riots were on the rise, lynchings of African-Americans happened regularly, and mainstream newspapers publishes pieces calling for “separation of races” — this ugly past is a version of America an NRA TV host claims President Barack Obama revived.

The host, Bill Whittle, lamented Obama’s handling of race relations on his show Hot Mic by accusing the first African-American president of pushing race-relations back a century:

It’s pretty clear to me that the entire job of the left over the last 20 years has been to take America, which is essentially unbeatable if it’s one country, divide it up into little tribes, and set the tribes at war against each other. And it seems to me that Barack Obama’s presidency set race relations back 100 years in this country.

According to Media Matters, Whittle’s list of controversial actions also involve the host approving of racist theories regarding intellectual genetics and comparing the Democratic Party to slaveowners in reference to black voters.

Whittle’s comments should come as no surprise to viewers, as another NRA TV host recently suggested the Black Lives Matter movement is attempting to have white Americans “tortured and killed.” Besides the wild comments of their TV hosts, the NRA’s racial politics came under fire when there was an outcry for them to speak out about the killing of the legally armed Philando Castile.

Watch the clip above, via Media Matters.

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