NY Mayor Bill de Blasio: Andrew Cuomo Came Off ‘Desperate’ in Debate With Cynthia Nixon


New York Mayor Bill de Blasio took a pointed swipe at his longtime rival — and fellow Democrat — New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, following Wednesday night’s primary debate with Cynthia Nixon.

Appearing on Morning Joe, de Blasio criticized the governor for referring to Nixon during the debate as a “corporation” — as Nixon files her taxes as a corporation, which is a standard practice for actors.

“I found some of the governor’s counterpoints a little desperate, honestly,” de Blasio said. “The notion of calling her a corporation. That sounded like a Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court that a corporation is a person.”

The mayor noted that he’s yet to endorse in the race. But he praised Nixon’s performance overall, and seemed to believe she has a major shot at an upset — despite polling to the contrary.

“There’s a lot going on on the ground and there’s a lot of people who are thinking very independently,’ de Blasio said. “And anyone who thinks they know where this is going is not watching what is happening in current politics.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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