O’Reilly Talks Tough About NYC Mayor de Blasio: ‘I Want to Beat Him Up’

Bill O’Reilly, Brian Kilmeade, and Megyn Kelly appeared together at a fundraiser Thursday night, and during the Q&A portion of the event, Kilmeade read a question about whether the U.S. has reached the point where there are more people “on the free ride getting welfare” than people working for a living. O’Reilly railed against the “gimme gimme gimme” society where people aren’t “willing to pay the price to succeed.”

Kelly spoke next, saying she doesn’t “personally know the people who think somebody else should support them.” O’Reilly piped up, “I want to introduce you to de Blasio.” After Kelly talked a bit more, joining in the de Blasio pile-on, O’Reilly elaborated, “I want to beat him up.” The crowd went wild.

O’Reilly has repeatedly railed against what he believes to be the expansion of the entitlement state, infamously saying in 2012 that President Obama won reelection because people “want things” and believed Obama would give those things to them.

De Blasio’s office responded with a three-word statement to Business Insider:

“Stay classy, Bill.”

You can listen to the audio below, via Gawker:

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