Ouch! Watch Weatherman Get Struck By Lightning During Live Shot

Jim Cantore‘s got nothing on this guy.

Liu Xiaodong, reporting during a thunderstorm in the Chinese city of Dalian on Monday, was struck by lightning as he stood on a building rooftop with a metal umbrella. The weatherman is seen quickly ducking upon impact, and throwing away his umbrella. But the footage cuts off shortly after.

The video is a bit of an illusion. The lightning that is most visible in the shot is not what struck Liu. But in remarks to The Paper, a news outlet in China, Liu insists that he was indeed struck.

“I saw a yellow spark on my hand and the umbrella handle,” Liu said. (In remarks translated by The Sun.) “Electricity travelled up my forearm and my hand was numb afterwards.”

Liu acknowledged that the video didn’t depict his being struck. But he added, “Had the video really captured the current hitting my hand, I probably wouldn’t be standing here giving this interview.”

According to The Sun, Liu’s cameraman was struck as well. Fortunately, both men are ok.

Watch above, via YouTube.

[featured image via screengrab]


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