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Political News Now Officially Accepted At The Dinner Table

jv0tmpg2juwarjvbqdrj-qLate last year, at the end of the most historic election in the nation’s history, and certainly the most covered, there was much speculation as to what websites would survive beyond the end of the traffic-driving election narrative, and which would fall away.

Both HuffPo, and most notably Politico, hitched their plans for success to the elevated interest in the nation’s politics and many media watchers wondered how they would make up the difference once the almost 2-year election was over and readership inevitably dropped. (One answer: slideshows!)

Turns out there wasn’t as much of a difference to make up as people thought! According to a new Gallup poll everyone’s interest in the election was not merely a passing fancy, seems a lot of folks got hooked.

Americans are paying closer attention to political news today than in any year without a presidential election since Gallup began regularly tracking this measure in 2001. The 36% of Americans who today say they follow news about national politics “very closely” is down from the record-high 43% Gallup found in September 2008, but matches the level found in September 2004 — two polls conducted during presidential election years.

Another interesting nugget that may not entirely surprise fans of Fox: apparently Republicans and Independents are (slightly) “more plugged in” than Democrats. And we mean slightly. Basically half of us are obsessed with the Beltway and the rest of us are…watching TMZ?

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