Protesters Respond to Trump’s Tweets by Burning Flags Outside of His Hotel

A hard-left activist group decided to retaliate to Donald Trump‘s tweets about flag burners by setting Old Glory ablaze in front of one of his hotels.

Yesterday, Fox & Friends ran a segment about a recent upswell of people protesting and disrespecting the stars and stripes. In what might have been a response, Trump tweeted that flag burners ought to face legal punishment in the form of jail time or the forfeiture of their citizenship.

Fox News reported on Revolutionary Communist Party members who assembled in front of Trump International Hotel on Tuesday night, where they railed against the mogul and and the flag before lighting several small ones on fire.

Trump’s tweet sparked a great deal of criticism and discussion since flag burning is legally protected as free speech. As critics have pointed out, the Supreme Court determined in 1989 that flag burning is a legitimate form of protest.

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