Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Hits $1 Million in One Day; LeVar Burton Cries

God, you guys really love Reading Rainbow: the Kickstarter campaign to bring back Reading Rainbow hit its $1 million goal in less than a day.

Though this means that LeVar Burton and his team get to 1) make Reading Rainbow available on the web, and 2) provide an educational version to over 1500 classrooms across America, the campaign’s still raising money, and they plan on launching even cooler initiatives, though we don’t know what they are yet. (As of now, the campaign’s raised $1.8 million dollars. It officially ends on July 2nd. Oh god, this is going to raise so much money.)

Here’s the video of the magic moment the Kickstarter broke a million. Aw, internet guys, you made LeVar Burton cry.

[h/t Geekosystem]
[Image via screenshot]

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