Reagan Aide Wants a New Anti-Gay Marriage Nation Called ‘Reagan’

Have you ever thought about starting your own country because you don’t like what this nation’s leaders are doing? Well, former Ronald Reagan aide Douglas MacKinnon has, and the interim name for the nation is none other than Reagan itself.

Yes, this week Right Wing Watch flagged a radio appearance by MacKinnon with Janet Mefferd and lamented how America’s leaders are basically surrendering on traditional marriage. And so he floated the idea of people like himself, who still hold those values, starting a new nation, “a new republic based on traditional values.”

Its name? Well, they would settle that matter once they get around to it, but for now he’s just calling it Reagan.

Oh, and he also wants to make it clear that when this eventually happens, he doesn’t believe there will be a new civil war over it. You know, in the incredibly likely scenario that they actually do start a new nation of traditional values.

Or, in other words…

Listen to the audio here, via RWW:

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