Red State Poster Urges “Small Caliber Round In The Back Of His Head” For Assange

Are cable and online commentators who fail to call for the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange somehow “openly rooting for the demise of America?” So says a poster on the site Red State, who goes by the name “lexington_concord.”

The writer’s long post on the site today ends with a summary judgment against Assange and a detailed description of exactly how he should be executed:

Under the traditional rules of engagement he is thus subject to summary execution and my preferred course of action would for Assange to find a small caliber round in the back of his head.

Determining that Assange is–in the author’s words–a “foreign national involved in illegally obtaining classified information that is vital to America’s national security and distributing it to our foreign enemies,” he is therefore a “spy who has been caught spying.”

Hence the bullet with his name on it. Or, if softies prevail, perhaps simple prison time:

I would also support his arrest and lifetime incarceration (provided he’d be housed in a particularly notorious State prison), as would virtually everyone I know who doesn’t cheer for the defeat and humiliation of America in the world.

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