Rep. Jackie Speier Lights Up ‘Phony’ Trump: ‘He Telegraphs Very Well to Those That Want to Do Harm’


Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) ripped President Donald Trump Friday on CNN over comments he made trying to unify the country hours after he lamented the bomb “stuff” thwarting, in his view, Republican momentum in the midterms.

“Total hypocrisy,” Speier said, speaking to Wolf Blitzer. “He spends most of his time at his rallies throwing verbal bombs at all the people that receive these bombs in the mail…He is truly unable to unify this country because unless he’s scripted, he is always taking pot shots at people because he really has a antisocial behavior that has worked for him for most of his life where he can attack people and they cower.”

Speier added, “It’s so disastrous to have a president who is not on an even keel, that does not unify this country. I don’t believe a word he says when he says he’s going to unify us. Because I guarantee you at his next rally, he is going to take pot shots at someone who has criticized him. And the fact that every one of these recipients or persons who he was threatened by, or who made caustic comments about him, or who were former opponents of his, would suggest to me that he telegraphs very well to those that want to do harm to people.”

Blitzer asked the Congresswoman what she makes of the fact that Trump has not reached out to any of the people targeted in the attacks — including former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

“It just suggests to me that he’s a phony,” Speier said. “That it’s always been about him. It will always be about him. That he doesn’t have an empathetic cell in his body. And the result is he doesn’t act presidential, or he doesn’t reach out to those who were the subjects of this harm — had those bombs detonated.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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