Jackie Speier

Democratic Rep. Rips Congress’ ‘Hypocritical’ Moment of Silence for Vegas: ‘For the Headlines’

Adam Schiff: Questioning Trump’s Mental Health Legitimate, But Too Early for 25th Amendment

Tapper Presses Dem Rep. on DNC’s Response to DHS on Breach: ‘Sounds Like Incompetence’

Democratic Rep Says She ‘Absolutely’ Believes Comey Tapes Made Up: Trump ‘Loves to Create Drama’

Democratic Rep. Marks April Fools’ Day with Faux Bill Proposal to Stop Trump’s ‘Unsupervised Tweets’

Rep. Jackie Speier: Devin Nunes ‘Did Apologize In A Generic Way’ To Intel Committee

House Dem Stumbles Over Nature: ‘Tarantula’ Putin Weaved ‘Spiderweb’ in U.S.

Democratic Rep.: We’ll Call on Trump to ‘Recant and to Apologize’ to Obama if No Proof on Wiretap Claim

GOP Rep. Joe Barton Tells Constituent to ‘Shut Up’ in Heated Town Hall

‘You Can’t Courier Information by Doves to Europe or Asia’: Congresswoman Slams Trump’s Courier Plan

Dem Rep. Scolds GOP for ‘Badgering’ IRS Commissioner, Threatens to Walk Out

Dem Rep.: Taliban Not Terrorists, ‘Part of the Fabric of Afghanistan’

Dem Rep. Pushes for Members of Congress to Undergo Sexual Harassment Training

Dem Congresswoman Holds Up Vodka, Steak, and Caviar to Blast GOP on Food Stamps

Dem Rep. Rips Military Over Facebook Page Demeaning Female Marines: System ‘Rigged’ On ‘Behalf Of Predators’

Dem Rep., Frustrated By Pace Of Gun Control, Lashes Out At Founders: System Designed ‘To Protect The Cowards’

Dana Loesch in Tense Debate with Eliot Spitzer and Rep. Jackie Speier on Planned Parenthood Funds

Rep. Jackie Speier Admits To Having Had An Abortion In Speech On House Floor

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