Resistance Twitter Turns on Trump Critic Amy Siskind After Prior Support of Sarah Palin Surfaces

Amy Siskind, President of New Agenda, has been a major social media figure in the #Resistance. She currently has a book deal, and her popular Twitter account has over 300,000 followers. However this week, she’s on the receiving end of the latest social media controversy — as old tweets of hers circulated among other #Resistance social media users showing her past opposition to Barack Obama and support of Sarah Palin.

Although the controversy was original regarding old tweets and Fox News appearances, the conflict seems to have developed largely into a backlash against how Siskind reacted to that conflict.

Prominent among her many blue check detractors is actress and comedian, and a very public face of the #resistance, Kathy Griffin:

Here’s a larger sample of the criticism:

One social media user, Kaivan Shroff, has offered an outline of the events leading up to Siskind’s ouster from the front of the pack.

There are several more tweets in the thread.

Siskind offered her own version of events in a Medium article.

There are also supporters for Siskind.

And one of the Twitter accounts originally involved, @AngryBlackLady, responded to her response.

Kathy Griffin’s extensive tweeting about Siskind is probably best summarized by this tweet sent late last night.

Social media history has been a subject of many recent controversies, including the hiring of a new writer for the New York Times.

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