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Rick Perry Hires Away Treasurer Of Stephen Colbert’s SuperPAC

A new job opening has emerged at Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, the SuperPAC run by fake news anchor Stephen Colbert. His treasurer, Salvatore Purpura, resigned on Thursday from his duties under Colbert to move on up to manning the same duties at a slightly bigger operation: the Rick Perry (that’s “Perry” with an “e”) campaign.

The news come by way of Politico, which noted that Purpura initially thought of doing both duties, but realized there was a conflict of interest and so resigned. Purpura has a history of working on other Republican campaigns, so it didn’t come exactly as a surprise, particularly since Colbert’s SuperPAC had already endorsed someone sort of like Rick Perry, “Rick Parry,” a fictional candidate Colbert’s statement on Purpura seemed to ignore was not the same person his former treasurer was now working for. That said, he had nothing but praise for his former treasurer:

“We’re not surprised. Sal is the best in the business. That’s why we went with him,” Colbert wrote. “We’re happy for Sal and we are even happier that Governor Parry has sent the clear signal of which super PAC he trusts to receive all that unlimited money waiting to pour in on his behalf. Loud and clear, sir. Unofficially, loud and clear.”

Politico also reports that Purpura will be succeeded by Shauna Polk, an official at the D.C. law firm Caplin & Drysdale.

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