Rush Limbaugh: Obama’s ‘Pure Class Warfare’ Will Be The Destruction Of What Makes This A Great Country

Rush: Obama's Class Warfare Will Be The Destruction Of What Makes This A Great Country

Ok, everyone, are you sitting down? Is there anyone with heart condition reading? Are your shoes strong enough to withstand your socks literally being blown off your feet?

Is everyone ready? Ok, then. Here comes the bombshell; Rush Limbaugh didn’t like Barack Obama’s remarks this morning about his jobs bill.

I know!

God, maybe I should have linked to a waiver relieving Mediaite of culpability for any shock-induced injuries before writing that. I hope we don’t get sued.

Anyway, on his radio show today, Limbaugh gave his thoughts on the President’s speech and they weren’t good (Oh man, right when you’d put your socks back on!). He described it as the “architect of this disaster” giving nothing more than a “propaganda report” in which he lays out his plan and said that Obama was “boldly lying” in describing it as anything else than “class warfare.”

The true victim of this war, however? America as we know it!

“If [Obama] would get all of this actually passed, it would represent perhaps a fatal blow to the US private sector. Every tax increase he proposed and the justification for it scares me to death because it’s nothing more than the destruction of the engine that has defined and made this a great country. I don’t know how anyone could even argue about the fact that this is on purpose anymore. To boldly lie that it’s not class warfare? It is class warfare. Specifically and purposefully class warfare.”

Why would Obama “specifically and purposefully” ruin America? Well, Limbaugh explained that this is what happens when you elect someone who believes that America has hurt the rest of the world and deserves to be punished for it. Limbaugh went on to say that, were you to be able to read between the lines like he can, you can hear Obama come close to “admitting” these feelings and his contempt for the country. Ouch!

All so Obama can make sure Warren Buffett pays as much taxes as his secretary (which Limbaugh feels is also a lie).

Limbaugh went on to accuse Obama of “holding the economy hostage” and “running against John Boehner” since he doesn’t know who the 2012 GOP candidate will be.

So, Limbaugh thinks Obama is ruining America and that raising taxes on the rich is class warfare. Like I said at the top, shocking, shocking stuff.

Listen to the clip below:

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