Rush Limbaugh on Tiger Woods and the ‘Black Frame of Mind’

RUSHNo, it’s not the world’s worst Billy Joel song. The “black frame of mind” is terrible, according to noted black-mindframe expert (and most-influential conservative) Rush Limbaugh. Skipping over the absurdly racist notion that there’s a monolithic black frame of mind, and the absurdity of Rush Limbaugh trashing the President for not doing enough for black people, you’ve got to hear what Rush thinks is really bothering “them”: Tiger Woods isn’t involved with “their” women.

Following his logic, Rush must conversely, as a white person, feel a flush of pride that Tiger is throwing his tin cup shots into white women.

This is all part of Rush’s game, to lash out and then claim someone’s face hit him in the fist. No doubt, he’ll explain that he’s not the racist, those attitudinal black people are. Black men with white women angers black people, not white radio hosts. Up is down, unless you have some Viagra.

Limbaugh’s audience eats it up, but as the GOP tries to regain some relevance, is this the de facto head they need?

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