Sarah Sanders and Jim Acosta Battle Over the Border Wall: ‘I’m Not Negotiating With You’

For the most part, today’s White House press briefing was a fairly low-key and genial affair, as White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders noted that it would be a relatively short briefing and spread around the questions to some reporters who rarely get called on. With the briefing taking place shortly after Trump’s immigration meeting that the press was allowed to cover, much of the discussion revolved around the bipartisan negotiation.

At the end of the briefing, however, things got a bit testy when CNN’s Jim Acosta pressed Sanders on Trump’s promised Mexican border wall, asking if he wants that in exchange for DACA protection.

“The president wants border security,” Sanders responded.

Acosta wanted to know what border security entails, and if it includes the wall. The press secretary stated that it includes technology and a “number of other things” — claiming that much of this was covered during the meeting that the media attended today.

The two then began to go back and forth over whether a wall will be part of an immigration deal, with Acosta hammering away at the idea of a “physical wall” and Sanders sticking to the generalized talking point of border security.

After Sanders said she believes many Democrats are also committed to border security, Acosta asked how the administration would react to Dems saying “thanks but no thanks for a wall,” Sanders ended the exchange with a parting shot.

“Jim, I’m not negotiating with you,” she stated. “I’m gonna let Congress take care of that.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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