Sarah Sanders Rants After CNN Reporter Asks About Trump Calling Dems ‘Evil’: ‘People on Your Network’ Say It


Sarah Sanders went off during a gaggle with the White House press corps Thursday, after a question about President Donald Trump‘s use of the word “evil.”

CNN’s Abby Phillip asked the press secretary, in light of the explosive devices sent to various high-profile Democrats and CNN’s New York headquarters, whether the president had any second thoughts about using the word “evil” to describe Democrats during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process.

“A few weeks ago, he said that Democrats who opposed Kavanaugh were ‘evil,'” Phillip said. “Does he regret that statement?”

Sanders initially tried to dodge the question.

“The president feels like we should call out despicable acts which is exactly what he’s done in the last 24 hours,” she said.

Phillip interjected, and pressed Sanders for an answer.

“Is evil an appropriate way to describe people in the political sphere?” Phillip said.

“It’s a word that people have used on your network a number of times, not only to describe the president but people who work in this administration,” Sanders said.

The press secretary went on to rant about what she deems to be the overall negative coverage the administration receives. Then, she claimed that CNN accused the president of being responsible for the attacks.

“Yesterday, the very first thing that the president did was come out and condemn the violence. The very first thing your network did was come out and accuse the president of being responsible for it. That is not okay. The first thing should have been to condemn the violence.”

CNN’s Jim Sciutto immediately disputed Sanders’s claim.

“What the press secretary of the White House said there is not true,” Sciutto said. “That’s not the first thing we did as this happened. We reported the news, in fact. And [co-host] Poppy [Harlow] and I can attest to that because we were on the air live reporting the news as it happened.”

For the record, CNN spent approximately three hours after their New York headquarters were evacuated focusing strictly on reporting the latest developments. The first words criticizing the administration came from David Gregory shortly before 1:30 p.m. ET — who slammed Trump and Sanders for not specifically recognizing CNN in their response to the attacks. He did not say that Trump was responsible.

More than 200 retired journalists have signed a letter accusing the president of inciting violence against the press.

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