Scarborough: If White House Is Scared Of Glenn Beck, “We’re Screwed” With Iran

In the ever-evolving Shirley Sherrod story there is one bit of information that relates directly to cable news – Sherrod’s claim she was pressured to resign specifically before Glenn Beck‘s Fox News show at 5pmET.

It was through this lens Joe Scarborough blasted the White House for being scared of “the guy with the chalkboard.”

“If that is their biggest concern they’re screwed,” said Scarborough, while co-host Mika Brzezinski noted that may not have been their biggest concern. But Scarborough pressed on:

The guy with the chalkboard? I mean, seriously they’re afraid of the guy with the chalkboard?! Who cries?! If they’re scared of him, can we please get somebody else to help us out with Iran, ’cause we’re screwed.

Expect this point to be a major topic for both Radio Glenn Beck and TV Glenn Beck for at least a few days.

This led to another interesting discussion about the news media divide – those who rushed to judgment and those who didn’t. Mike Barnicle makes the point very clear the reason Morning Joe belongs in the didn’t-rush-to-judgment camp, despite covering the story yesterday.

Here’s the key part of the segment (h/t @RachelSklar):

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