Several Papers Depict Donald Trump As ‘the New Furor’ With Hitler Comparisons

Donald TrumpFollowing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump‘s call for a ban on all Muslim immigrants on Monday, newspapers and digital media outlets around the world responded with tired Nazi comparisons. In particular, the Philadelphia Daily News and the Times of Israel paired their stories with images depicting Trump giving what looks like the infamous Nazi salute.

The Times of Israel‘s image selection was especially noticeable for two reasons, the first being that it was taken from Trump’s speech at the Republican Jewish Coalition meeting last week. The New York real estate magnate, standing before the crowd of conservative Jewish voters, is seen giving what looks an awful lot like Adolf Hitler‘s trademark stance.


The Times piece itself makes no mention of Hitler or the Nazis, nor does it editorialize on the matter. It simply recounts Trump’s statement and Monday night’s many reactions from politicians and pundits. However, the original image above has since been replaced with another one in which the faux salute is absent.

The Philadelphia Daily News, however, has not backed down from its similar photo choice. Not only that, but the daily tabloid paper ran the image on its cover with the headline, “The New Furor.” Assistant city editor David Lee Preston tweeted out a preview of the cover late Monday night, asking followers if it reminded them of someone.


Neither Trump nor his presidential campaign have yet responded to the image selections.

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