Sheriff David Clarke: ‘It’s Showdown Time’ Against Those Protesting Trump

Milwaukee Country Sheriff David Clarke, an avid supporter of President Donald Trump, is well known for his provocative public actions and comments, especially when it comes to criticizing liberals and Democrats.

With widespread protests taking place in cities and airports across the country in reaction to Trump’s ‘extreme vetting’ executive order, Clarke took to his Twitter account to take aim at demonstrators.

As you can see, beyond saying that they aren’t actually protesting, Clarke appears to be calling for action against the left, asking his supporters if they are ready.

Clarke has been fairly busy this month when it comes to making inflammatory comments or attempting to engage in physical action with perceived critics. A man claimed that Clarke had several deputies detain him at an airport for allegedly shaking his head at the sheriff for wearing Dallas Cowboys gear. (Clarke would use the sheriff department’s official Facebook page to threaten further violence against anyone who confronted him in the future.)

The law enforcement official also told attendees at the DeploraBall inauguration event that he’d only reach across the aisle to grab a Democrat “by the throat.” (Clarke is a registered Demcorat and has been elected as a Democrat several times.) On top of that, he called CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill a “jigaboo” in retaliation for Hill labeling pro-Trump black “mediocre Negroes.”

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