Slack Servers Went Down And Media Twitter Freaked the Geek Out!


Slack is down and media twitter is freaking out!

For those who don’t work with Slack on a daily basis, it’s basically the conference room for those who work remotely. It’s the hub of communication for those in media.

Countless writers and editors are currently looking at screens saying “connection trouble,” and screaming in horror.

As I write this, I too am dealing with the dread of a Slackless existence. I sit here watching my Mediaite cohorts take on topics and delegate who will write each article, and I can’t chime in. It’s like I’m living out my own version of A Christmas Carol.

This post is my letter in a bottle. Will my words ever reach the mainland for all to read? Maybe. Am I being dramatic? Anything is possible.

While we sit back helpless, here’s a look at Twitter’s take on a day without Slack:

Hey, looks like it’s back! My letter message in a bottle landed ashore! Whew!

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