Spanish Woman Claims To Own Sun, Plans To Charge People For Its Use


Google may be acquiring Groupon, but one sneaky Spanish woman has gone ahead and one-upped literally everybody on the planet. As of last Friday, Angeles Duran of Salvaterra do Mino, Spain, is the proud new owner of the Sun. Yes, that one.

How did this pioneering Spaniard come to own that which provides our planet with life-sustaining light and warmth? She went to the her local notary. According to the AFP,

The document issued by the notary public declares Duran to be the “owner of the Sun, a star of spectral type G2, located in the centre of the solar system, located at an average distance from Earth of about 149,600,000 kilometres”.

Duran was reportedly inspired to claim the celestial body as her own after having read about “an American man who had registered himself as the owner of the moon and most planets in our Solar System.” And while the moon might be more poetic, it seems she’s determined to make the Sun more lucrative. The 49-year-old woman is planning to charge a fee to anyone who “uses” the Sun. Half the proceeds will go to the Spanish government, while smaller portions will go to research, “ending world hunger,” and herself. So, yes, Spain is effectively collecting taxes from everybody, everywhere.

And there’s nothing you can do about it. Duran kindly reminded everybody that while international agreements bar countries from claiming ownership of planets and stars, they say nothing about individuals. “I did it, but anyone else could have done it,” she said. “It simply occurred to me first.”

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