Spoof: Jersey Shore Audition Tape from Funny or Die

Nick Kroll Jersey ShorePeople really seem to love this Jersey Shore show, especially our own Steve Krakauer, who called it “the worst best show of all time” and who yesterday on Office Hours suggested to Time TV critic James Poniewozik that he consider it as a dark horse best show of the decade (Glynnis suggested Deadwood; I suggested Alias). Now I see that Jersey Shore: Week 2 is our lead story on the front page (which is fair enough, considering my devotion to all things seems to like it almost as much as Gaga).

But more to the point, this gives me a terrific segue to introduce this: Nick Kroll on Funny or Die as “Bobby Bottleservice” in his audition tape for Jersey Shore. I don’t watch the show but I will watch Kroll do anything, because he is hi-larious — and I’m not alone, because the video, which was highlighted yesterday in the FOD weekly newsletter and was only posted shortly before that, has already racked up 91,654 views. That’s almost 100,000 on a video that was shot in someone’s office. I have said it before and I’ll say it again: Funny or Die is on to something. So who are you to buck the trend? Here’s Krolls take on all things Joisey, below:

Pickles Is My Thing, Indeed [Best Week Ever]

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