Bieber or Die! FOD is April Foolin’ (But Not About SEO)

It’s Justin Bieber‘s world, we’re all just living in it. If you have not accepted that fundamental truth, well then, you don’t understand the Internet or the raw power of pre-tween lust.

Funny or Die, however, does understand that power. And they respect it. And, they’re probably gonna get mad pageviews from it. So go them for becoming “Bieber or Die” for April Fool’s day.

And God is in the details. The skin not only of the front page but of every page has been Biebefied, with the Bieb’s adorable mop-top lovingly displayed with every scroll. The rating system between “Funny” and “Die” is now “Bieber” and “Die.” Recommended videos are now “Today’s Featured Biebs.” The URL redirects to FOD, of course, but for one brief moment, you know it exists.

This isn’t the first time FOD has capitalized on the Bieber craze, either. Last month, Parks & Recreation star and FOD staple Aziz Ansari posted a video from his character “Raaaandy” from Funny People, “Raaaaaaaandy Declares War on Justin Bieber,” claiming that Bieber had ripped off his hit “Baby” from Raaaaaandy during a weed-fueled recording session. He’s still getting “LEAVE JUSTIN ALONE” comments posted on it, a month later.

Last month, social media scenester Soraya Darabi tweeted in desperation: “I’m not sure I want to live in a world where Justin Bieber is a trending topic” I’m not sure I want to live in a world where “BeckCrunch“could actually exist as a Mediaite sister-site, but there it is. The Bieb giveth, and the Bieb taketh away. But for now, the Bieb is giving savvy ‘Netsters a whole whack of pageviews for hopping aboard the trend. So who are we to argue? So please, enjoy clicking through to the next page for some JUSTIN BIEBER PHOTOS and have a very happy April Fool’s Day!

Oh right, one more thing: Justin Bieber is Canadian.

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