Funny or Die Will Be Rolling Out More Trump Spoofs as DNC Continues


Check out this video that premiered yesterday during the Democratic National Convention:

The Funny or Die bit stars the unlikely comedy duo of comedian Ken Jeong and Austan Goolsbee, President Barack Obama’s first Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, is titled “Decoding Donald: Outsourcing,” and takes aim at Donald Trump for his habit of outsourcing production of his goods to other countries and then giving speeches about how he wants to see more “Made in the USA” tags on clothes.

Oh, Politifact rated its representation of Trump’s outsourcing as “mostly true,” so before you roll your eyes at the attempts of a comedy company to get seriously political, there is that.

Funny or Die will be releasing these little videos all throughout the convention.

David Litt used to write speeches for Obama and now he works as the head writer and producer for Funny or Die. He explained to Variety that, “The idea behind the videos is you are always trying to get information out as part of a campaign, and comedy can be a way to do that … We are working with the convention to say, ‘What information do they want to highlight?’ And we are working with some top comedians to come up with funny ways to try to to make that a little bit more interesting and something you may want to share rather than something you may gloss over.”

Tonight and in the following days, we will see what else Litt and Co. deemed worthy of parody!

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