Strong Words: Paul Ryan’s Press Secretary Is Getting Roasted on Twitter for AHCA Statements


On Twitter, you might see users referencing “the ratio” with a mixture of awe and fear. Maybe you don’t really know what they’re talking about. Let us show you.

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Look at this tweet from Paul Ryan‘s national press secretary AshLee Strong about her boss’s pet project. See how the replies far outweigh the retweets and favorites? That, friends, is The Ratio.

Strong’s ratio is not good.

She set off a Twitter firestorm today when she insisted that the American Health Care Act was posted online and received a Congressional Budget Office score. When the AHCA passed in the House a few days ago, two chief complaints from Democrats and voters were that it had been shrouded in secrecy and hadn’t received a CBO score. Obviously, the AHCA only got through the House the other day after not making it through in March. The reasoning behind that is precisely why people are annoyed with Strong for claiming that there were total transparency and a CBO score to go along with the vote this week. Let Twitter user/MSNBC host Chris Hayes explain.

The amended version passed. The previous, unamended version did not. The amended version didn’t have a CBO score. The previous, unamended version did. You get the picture? These people do.

That didn’t matter. Strong held to the CBO scores from the unamended version, tweeting them out.

Again, she was met with resistance and her second tweet had another stunning ratio.

Maybe the strangest part of all of this is how deeply unflattering the CBO scores were for the original health care bill in the first place.

Anyway, Strong is blaming what is undoubtedly a huge mess in her mentions on the left.

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