Take a Guess Which Country’s Flag Was Flown From Trump’s New Hotel as a Prank


Did you make your guess? You only get one, but it’s probably the only one you need.

It’s fairly obvious at this point that with his campaigning, his high unfavorable numbers, and everything else that’s happened, Donald Trump‘s relationship with Mexican people is… complicated, to say the very least. As such, a Mexican-Canadian construction worker thought it would be a fun idea to protest the mogul on Saturday by displaying the Mexican flag from the top of the new Trump Tower of Vancouver.

“The insults you have said about us, have not changed our work ethics,” Diego Saul Reyna said. “While working on your tower Mexicans didn’t steal anything nor raped anyone, we just did the best work we could possibly do, for ourselves, our families and the future tenants in your building.”

WHY DID I PUT A MEXICAN FLAG ON THE ROOF TOP OF TRUMP TOWER VANCOUVER, ??????Because from the concrete pouring,…

Posted by Diego Saul Reyna on Saturday, April 2, 2016

HuffPost Canada reported that Reyna did not work on the hotel’s construction crew himself, but he was acting on behalf of his Mexican and Muslim friends who did.

“They kept telling me their frustration, their anger and their hurt but they can’t say anything,” Reyna said. “I’m concerned about [Trump’s] values and his points of view extending to our country… as he labels negatively an entire ethnic group, that could jeopardize our society.”

The flag has been taken down, but Reyna’s photo has gone viral ever since he posted it to Facebook.

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