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Taliban Spokesman Accidentally Tweets Own Location

Zabiullah Mujahid, the official Twitter PR account for the Taliban maybe used by dozens of jihadi, is thought to be somewhere in the general Afghanistan-ish area. That’s the nature of Taliban, really — we’re not supposed to know where they are, if they’re being good at their jobs.

This weekend, though, Mujahid made it pretty easy for people to find him, after one of his handlers forgot to turn off their phone’s geolocation function, indicating that he was in Pakistan.

The best part is that his tweets are still up:

Upon realizing what happened, Mujahid attempted to write off the geotagging as an “enemy plot,” and that he was actually in Afghanistan, really. “Now, the enemy’s fake act has been exposed, and with full confidence, I can say that I am in my own country,” he tweeted, according to the Daily Dot.

To further prove that he was the subject of an enemy plot, he attempted to prove…we don’t actually know:

[The Daily Dot]
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