Tea Party Nation President: NAACP, DHS And ACLU Are “Liberal Hate Groups”

Judson Phillips, the leader of the Tea Party Nation who already made some controversial comments about only letting property owners vote, is at it again, now singling out the “top five liberal hate groups” for distinction. The lucky winners to have made his list include: the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the ACLU, the SEIU and the NAACP. Claiming that too often conservative groups are defined as “hate groups,” Phillips is eager to return the favor.

Angry with the DHS for its failure to secure the border, inept airport security measures and for its “silly political posturing from the most corrupt regime in the history of this country,” the insults from Phillips just keep flying. He calls Secretary Janet Napolitano “the DHS Clown in Chief,” and claims DHS invades privacy of Americans while not going after terrorists. As for the ACLU, he sums up their hatred accordingly: “If you hate America, the ACLU loves you and if you love America, the ACLU hates you.” Regarding the NAACP, Phillips doesn’t like their eagerness to label their opponents as racists.

Possibly Phillips’ over-the-top critical comments of these groups is an attempt to demonstrate the ridiculousness of insulting people just because you disagree with them. Or maybe he just hates them?

(h/t Huffington Post)

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