Ted Nugent Responds To Piers Morgan Interview About Trayvon: Anybody Who ‘Tries To Take Me On’ Will ‘Always Lose’

Ted Nugent Responds To Interview On Trayvon: Those Who Try To 'Take Me On' Will Lose

On Wednesday, Ted Nugent went on Piers Morgan‘s show to discuss the Trayvon Martin case. During his appearance, he argued that George Zimmerman, as a neighborhood watchman, should be armed. In an interview with Arizona radio station KFYI on Thursday, Nugent responded to that segment, saying Morgan or anybody else who tries to take him on will always lose: “they can’t win against truth.”

In the interview, Nugent said, “I am every interviewer’s dream,” because he can actually form sentences and “phonetically pronounce syllables and things.” Nugent said when he goes on a show or enters “adversarial waters,” like Morgan’s show, “truth and logic can’t be beat. Piers Morgan or Anderson Cooper or Bill Maher, or anybody else that tries to take me on, they always have and they always will lose. They can’t win against truth.

During the CNN interview, Nugent told Morgan that it’s important to note how many law enforcement officials are killed when their own weapons are used against them. “Let’s not dismiss that reality that is documented over and over,” he said. When asked whether a neighborhood watchman in Zimmerman’s capacity should be armed, Nugent definitely replied, “Yes.”

Morgan “attempted to get me on the gun issue, but I let him have it,” Nugent said in the radio interview. “I kept it civil, and I let him know that the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman situation is anything but what most of the media was attempting to depict it as. We should be ashamed ourselves that our media in the United States of America is convicting this man, convicting him of quote, cold-blooded murder” without all the facts. “I’m not taking sides in this,” Nugent added, “but I’ve got some perspective working in law enforcement for most of my life.”

Nugent further said, Morgan “tried to related the English law, which would have not stood for George Zimmerman defending himself, and I had to clarify to the CNN-viewing public that in England, by law, if someone breaks into your house, you have to retreat, like a cowardly sheep, out the back door. […] That’s anti-human, it’s absolutely repulsive, and it encourages crime.”

After remarking that Morgan’s producers told him the show has some of its highest ratings when he’s on, Nugent mocked Morgan’s way of saying “vast majority” — as well as the point Morgan made when he said it. Nugent said he cleared up to Morgan that the vast majority of Americans do not want to see Zimmerman convicted — and they are still praying for the families of the 10 black children who were killed in Chicago that same weekend. Jesse Jackson and “Al not-so-Sharpton” seem to conclude those deaths don’t matter because they were killed by other black people, Nugent said. “Nobody cares about race! […] The rest of us value human life, regardless of color.”

Here’s the KFYI interview with Nugent:

Take a look at a clip from Morgan’s interview with Nugent, via CNN:

Listen to the full interview on Arizona’s KFYI.

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