Trayvon Martin

Jay-Z is Making a Feature Film and Docu-series About Trayvon Martin

‘Part of the Change’: Trayvon Martin’s Parents Reportedly Considering Run For Public Office

George Zimmerman Says Black Lives Matter Is a Group of ‘Terrorists’

Witnesses Corroborate: George Zimmerman ‘Bragged’ About Trayvon Killing, Then Got Punched (UPDATED)

Mothers of Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Sandra Bland, and More Speak Together at DNC

George Zimmerman Smokes Cigar, Rips Hillary, ‘Racist’ Obama in Bonkers Interview

How Much Did George Zimmerman Reportedly Get for the Gun Used to Kill Trayvon Martin?

‘They Didn’t Raise Their Son Right’: George Zimmerman Goes After Trayvon Martin’s Parents

User Named ‘Racist McShootFace’ Hijacks Zimmerman Gun Auction, Hikes Up Price to $65 Million

Gun Broker Cancels Sale of Weapon Used to Kill Trayvon Martin (UPDATED)

George Zimmerman Says He’s Auctioning Off His Gun from Trayvon Martin Shooting

Trayvon Martin’s Mother Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Geraldo: ‘Ghetto Civil War’ Bigger Problem Than Police Brutality in the Black Community

George Zimmerman Reportedly Retweeted Photo of Trayvon Martin’s Body

Huckabee: Obama’s Bill Cosby Remarks Were ‘So Disingenuous’

George Zimmerman: I Was Victimized by Obama Increasing Racial Tensions

Melissa Harris-Perry: I Hope Trayvon ‘Whooped the Sh*t Out of George Zimmerman’

Justice Dept to Announce No Charges Against Zimmerman for Death of Trayvon Martin

MLK Links Arms with Eric Garner, Officer Liu on New Yorker Cover

With Latest Arrest, George Zimmerman Now Officially O.J. Simpson 2.0

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